Your urban sanctuary

The city will forever be your home. But now it’s time to envelop yourself in the aesthetic Zen of your rooftop retreat. Cosy up with a good book on your Ninix Lounge, take a deep breath, and relax into a verdant penthouse paradise all your own.

Relinquish it all in your Rooftop Retreat

City dwellers can’t resist the lure of the metropolis with its towering architectural marvels, smorgasbord of cultural delights, and effortless convenience – all within hand’s reach. But there comes a time when you need to escape from the press of the crowds, loud lights, and blare of the streets. Somewhere you can just be.

And there’s no better place than the rooftop, a retreat high above it all where the ruckus and rush dwindle into the background, where you can unwind in the enveloping calm of your secret sanctuary. Enjoy a hot cup of lemon tulsi tea and a mid-morning chat with a friend, or savour a delicious homecooked meal in the evening with family. This is your place, an urban aery with all the comfort in the world, thanks to Royal Botania’s luxury outdoor furniture.

Cosmopolitan luxury

The iconic Ninix outdoor design furniture collection adorns luxury terraces worldwide – atop the lofty buildings of the city, waterside on the rocky banks of the Mediterranean or, stately, by the shimmering azure-blue waters of a pool. Effortlessly cosmopolitan and luxuriously minimalist, with low and high tables, bar chairs, and low chairs, Ninix stylishly caters to your every need.

Iconic design for the ages

The clean lines, impeccable finish, and lavish comfort of Royal Botania’s Ninix Lounge Collection have swept outdoor luxury furniture connoisseurs off their feet for nearly two decades. Elegant, minimal design and unfailing comfort – with or without the stylish cushions in a broad palette of complementary colours – have allowed it to abide the passing of the years effortlessly.

The perfect companion to the Ninix Collection, this luxury lounge indulgently welcomes all who long for respite from the bustle of the city. There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up and sinking into the unfailing embrace of Royal Botania’s outdoor design lounge furniture. Here. Now. In your rooftop refuge.